Hello, I am Amsa Yaro and welcome to my little corner studio in the vast world of the internet.

Growing up in a middle class northern Nigerian home, I was exposed to wonderful things that influenced my life. My love for local soups like Kukah, the bark of the Baobab tree,  our version of beef jerky, Kilishi, getting to travel to different states to visit family members and that one year stop at Yankari Game reserve that was my version of Disney world. I was introduced to different worlds through photo books that my father brought back from his travels and the t.v was always on, showing different indian movies that played at the background.

As my siblings and I got older, life didn’t spare us from her rollercoster. Dreams had to take second place as society, economy and expectations came with responsibilities. After studying journalism and working as a journalist for many years, I found myself in a space in time which felt like limbo. But this space gave me the chance to dive back head first into what I have always wanted to do: Arts…and all of it.

Because I felt like  lost so much time, like a sponge, I have been taking everything I can about techniques, from watercolor to sculpting, from still-life to abstract, ever growing and evolving my craft.

Living as a mixed media artist now, It would be my pleasure to share  my evolution with you here in my blog. Please join me on on-going projects such as my Queen of Hearts All Year Challenge, tutorials, my process of making art pieces and wall candy. This is where sculpting, painting, creativity, passion, color, bits and pieces clash to make the world I dove into head first.

Please enjoy this journey into my world. Thank you.